Welcome to Ewart Communications, a public policy and human rights consultancy service based in Scotland.  Human rights are owned by all of us and are local as well as global.  Human rights set a minimum standard on economic, social, cultural, civil, political and environmental rights.

Promoting and delivering human rights makes Scotland fairer: ‘duty bearers’ understand their obligations to positively comply with domestic, European and International law; ‘rights holders’ know and can assert and enforce their rights. The public, voluntary and private sectors all have a role in giving human rights practical effect and our consultancy service is offered to share knowledge, increase capacity and build confidence on human rights.

A range of tools exist to help our 10,000 + bodies in Scotland mainstream the delivery of human rights in funding, policy and service decisions.  There are also examples on compliance to inspire those who govern, those who manage and those on the front line delivering public services and services of a public nature.  The consultancy offered is tailored to the needs of clients, is flexible and can be provided for short or long-term projects.