Welcome to our public policy and human rights consultancy service based in Scotland. During the COVID-19 health emergency, we continue to work remotely to advise, assist and fully support you through the lockdown period and beyond.  For example, delivering training virtually and when people need (urgent) mentoring and guidance to help inform rapid decision making internally and with external organisations and funders.  Check out our latest Blog.

Ewart Communications helps you realise the potential of human rights to make Scotland fairer.   We turn global standards into local practice on economic, social, cultural, civil, political and environmental rights by working with ‘duty bearers’ and ‘rights holders’. 

Human rights promotion and delivery feature more and more in decisions on policy, funding and services and recent examples include: integrating with the draft Scottish Budget 2020/21; delivering the National Performance Framework; defining the focus of the First Minister’s Taskforce on Human Rights Leadership; delivering the recommendations from the reports of the Equalities and Human Rights Committee at the Scottish Parliament.  Recommendations for action come from a number of sources but Ewart Communications can help you integrate into a single, accessible and realistic strategy.

Duty bearers can be in the public, voluntary and private sectors as each has a role in giving human rights practical effect.

For more information or to arrange an informal chat contact us on info@ewartcc.com