Ewart Communications works with you to build the knowledge and skills of your greatest asset – your staff!  The service is also designed to build the capacity of volunteers and service users. 

Training helps organisations work out the first principles of how human rights fit with their ‘public service’ functions.  Training is an opportunity to have frank discussions about the challenges facing staff in delivering duties and the ability of service users to exercise their rights.  By encouraging informed debate, it is easier to identify what the solutions might look like.  

Training can be incorporated into existing events eg for frontline staff, for managers and those responsible for governance.  Training can be designed around issues such as health and social care and on using tools such as an ‘equality and human rights impact assessment’.  Generic and bespoke training is delivered ‘in house’, to groups of organisations and to sectoral staff. 

News – February 2020

Human rights training is now available tailored to Scottish Government commitments in the draft Scottish budget. Delivering an organisation’s vision on human rights depends on training staff at all levels to boost knowledge, build skills and share good practice. To book in house training, craft a bespoke package or to provide a general introduction to ‘human rights’, just email us with your suggested dates, how many people will be involved and if you want to focus on a particular area.